Become a knowledge manager, become a Treasurizer!

Earn by your recommendation with Treasurize!

Become a Treasurizer and earn money with your recommendation at the leading knowledge platform. For each of your recommendations that leads to a purchase, you receive 5% of the purchase price as commission. It doesn't matter whether you recommend Treasurize online via your website, e.g. via a blog article, link or ad, or via a personal recommendation, e.g. to your friends, acquaintances or family. Treasurize provides the right knowledge for everyone, e.g. in the form of e-learnings, market studies, seminars or services.

How it works

Treasurize provides the marketplace, takes over all processes and guarantees a simple, smooth process for buyers, sellers and Treasurizer.



Providing knowledge at the right time, in the right place, for people in a cost-efficient way. That is the mission. Behind it is the vision of Thorsten Mötje, the founder of Treasurize: to organize knowledge in this world and make it digitally accessible and usable for everyone.

Knowledge exchange is one of the social and entrepreneurial issues of the future and a success factor. However, this exchange of knowledge still takes place far too rarely. With its digital marketplace concept, Treasurize offers people and companies both the opportunity to acquire the knowledge they need and to offer existing knowledge to others. And this is completely free of charge - there are no fees, only in case of success a commission of at least 10 % is to be paid to Treasurize.