Marketing Zertifizierungen @ Treasurize

Hardly any other industry is developing at such a fast pace as (online) marketing. And those who advertise online need the appropriately trained employees and managers. Knowledge and skills in digital marketing are therefore essential.
In the meantime, there is a multitude of different providers and certificates. But it is unclear which certificates are worthwhile and which providers are the best.

Treasurize has already done the work for you and not only lists all important and relevant certifications, but also offers many in cooperation with our partners directly.

And all this online and time-independent - as part of our e-learning courses!

Online Marketing Certified Associate (OMCA™)

Give your marketing career a boost. OMCA™ (Online Marketing Certified Associate) is an industry-standard credential for digital marketing associates and entry-level marketers. OMCA certification verifies your knowledge of digital marketing concepts and demonstrates an understanding of generally accepted practices across multiple digital marketing disciplines.

Advanced Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Certification

The Advanced Search Engine Optimization (SEO) course is designed to transform you into an industry-ready SEO professional from day one. You’ll master the many facets of SEO, including the process of organically driving traffic to your websites with keyword management and research, on-page and off-page optimization, link building, URL building, SEO analytics and more.

Advanced Mobile Marketing Certification (ACP)

Become an expert in using mobile as a means of marketing communication. Master the art of mobile advertising, responsive designs, integrated social media marketing, and more. Mobile Marketing is a vital marketing strategy, representing the future of marketing. The aim is providing customers with time- and location-sensitive, personalized information that promotes goods, services, and ideas.

Advanced Email Marketing Certification

Master advanced email marketing strategies. Develop expertise in creating effective advertisements to promote products and services, create brand awareness, and build loyalty and trust. As the name suggests, email marketing involves sending marketing messages using email. When properly done, a personalized email marketing message can be a very effective marketing tool.

Advanced Content Marketing Certification

Become an expert in content marketing. Master various aspects of planning and executing content marketing strategies to create impressive content with greater efficiency and impact. Content Marketing is aimed at building authority, amplifying the message, acquiring, and retaining the intended audience. Well written Marketing Content helps build the reputation of a trusted advisor.

Certified Digital Marketing Professional (CDMP)

The Certified Digital Marketing Professional (CDMP)™ Certification ensures you understand the fundamentals of digital marketing along with a specialist program of your choice - social media, search or strategy and planning. Becoming a Certified Digital Marketing Professional (CDMP)™ will ensure you are equipped with the tools and skills needed to create a cohesive, effective digital marketing strategy.

Certified E-Commerce Manager (IHK)

In the course of studies to become a certified e-commerce manager you will learn the many different tasks that fall into the areas of coordination, online marketing and market analysis. The coordination includes tasks such as mediating between the sales department, the marketing department and the web designers. Another important task is the management of business partners and colleagues.

Certified Online Marketing Manager (IHK)

Online Marketing Managers have a wide range of responsibilities and are responsible for the organization and control of all digital marketing activities of a company. Concept development, execution of online marketing campaigns and success control are part of the tasks. The strategic management of advertising campaigns on the Internet is also one of the tasks.