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Communicative competence
is the ability to communicate constructively, effectively and consciously. This includes knowledge of important communication concepts and models, but also the ability to master concrete communication techniques.

Competence and soft skills are always a mixture of knowledge + ability, but also of will. Therefore, communicative competence includes your ability to communicate and your willingness to communicate. The ability to communicate takes into account the extent to which you can express yourself in an understandable and recipient oriented way. Readiness to communicate implies your willingness to communicate with others, to clarify things verbally and to pass on knowledge through communication.

If you are looking for e-learning courses on communication and soft skills, Treasurize is a must.

Treasurize offers over 650 online courses in a class of their own for beginners and advanced users alike.

These include basic and basic and advanced courses on stress management, self-management, intercultural competence, country-specific competence, stress, conversation preparation, presentation & rhetoric, leadership, communication and team management.

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