Professional Certificate in Communication Skills

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Everyone tells stories—that’s how we build community and share ideas. However, we don’t always communicate our story as effectively as we intend to.

Communication in the workplace may take the form of business writing, email communications, in-person discussions, non-verbal communication, public speaking, and even telling stories.

The Communication Skills Professional Certificate program focuses on effective business communication skills employers value most, from crafting a powerful story to creating impactful presentations and using tools for public speaking.

In this program, you will learn about:

  • The elements of effective stories and communication strategies, plus how to use them in the workplace.

  • How to use active listening and understand various communication styles to build rapport.

  • How to tailor your messaging to a defined target audience.

  • How to apply basic elements of the speech communication process.

  • How to craft a clear and impactful speech.

  • How to utilize best practices for presenting quantitative data using images.

  • How to incorporate basics of visual design with effective presentation skills.

What you will learn

  • How to craft messages and narratives that will resonate with your target audience to create your desired outcome.

  • How to use simple tools and skills to prepare and deliver memorable presentations.

  • How to use impactful images to enhance your presentation, communication, and messaging to impress your audience.

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