Certified Mobile Cloud Tester (CMCT)

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Mobile app testing in the cloud allows in-house development and test teams to maintain focus on results without the distraction and expense of maintaining an extensive test bed infrastructure.

Mobile application deployment speeds are increasing every day. As new versions of devices and operating systems create capabilities to expand your application, app developers are charged with the task of enhancing what your mobile applications can do. The trick is to get those new versions to market ahead of your competition. Each minute your competitor has a better functioning application is a lost opportunity. To get ahead you need to test your app quickly so your newer versions are as spotless as ever

Mobile application testing is a challenging and skilled quality assurance process where a testing professional needs to interact with multiple devices available in the market to test the mobile application built by software developers. The process consists of checking the performance of application across multiple handheld devices with different screen sizes and operating systems. The mobile application users and customers expect enterprise mobility service providers to ensure that any given application is isolated, secure and has high performance. Therefore, testing/ QA team should permit deployment team to implement a fully tested and certificated application for the users.

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