Certified Problem and Change Manager (CPCM)

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Certified Problem and Change Manager (CPCM)

We make decisions and solve problems continually. We start making decisions before we even get out of bed (shall I get up now or not?). Sometimes, we will have made as many as 50 decisions by the time we leave for work. Despite all the natural decision making that goes on and the problem solving we do, some people are very uncomfortable with having to make decisions. You may know someone who has a hard time making decisions about what to eat, never mind the internal wrestling they go through in order to take on major decisions at work. Likewise, we've probably all looked at a solution to something and said, .I could have thought of that.. The key to finding creative solutions is not just creativity, although that will certainly help. The answer rests in our ability to identify options, research them, and then put things together in a way that works. Having a process to work through can take the anxiety out of problem solving and make decisions easier. That.s what the CPCM is all about.

Change is something that excites people who love opportunities for growth, to see and learn about new things, or who like to shift the status quo. Some changes, however, are harder to adjust to and lead to expressions of resistance and anger. We can take concrete steps to make change more palatable by understanding people.s hesitation, enlisting the help of others, setting up plans, and managing stressors. These steps can also ensure that desired changes are implemented successfully.

Our E-Course, will teach you how to manage and cope with change and how to help those around you too.

There is a huge demand in the market for Problem and Change Managers, an individual who has relevant skills in managing problems and change can take this exam.

E-Course Duration: 10 to 15 Hours

e-Competence Framework (e-CF)

The mapping of this certificate against the e-Competence Framework.

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