Certified Change Manager - Foundation (CCMF)

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Certified Change Manager - Foundation (CCMF)


Change Manager - Foundation Certification will introduce you to the whole area of change management and how it is being used to guide and transition individuals, groups and organizations to a new desired future state using a structured approach. Modern businesses are continuously facing the need to change - It could be departments within an organization or the entire business itself that needs to change, so managing and adapting to organizational change is an essential ability required in the workplace today. The Certification comprises examining a wide range of organizational structures that exist within modern businesses. Management of Change is critical to be the success of any project. Successful projects are those that integrate Transformational change.

The e-course begins by introducing you to the theory of change management. You will examine contemporary forms of organizational structures and analyse the strategies that are used to implement change in each structure in the most efficient manner. You will then be introduced to a more practical approach to change management. You will examine the factors needed to successfully implement change and develop a positive attitude towards change within an organization.

The purpose of the Foundation certification is to measure whether you have sufficient knowledge and understanding of the Change Management Text and Handbook to act as an informed member of a change management team during a period of change within part or all of your organization. The Foundation certification is also a pre-requisite for the Practitioner certification.

Change management courses help managers adjust their resources and meet their long-term goals, Training courses in change management focus on designing strategies to cope with business responsibility, such as remaining competitive, sustaining growth and allocating resources appropriately.

E-Course Duration: 10 to 15 Hours


Course Outline


Module 1 - Organizational Structure


  • Types of Organizational Structure

  • Contemporary Forms of Organizational Structure

  • Organizational Change

  • Planning and Executing Change Effectively

  • Building Your Change Management Skills


Module 2 - Change Management and Communication


  • Change Management

  • Managing People

  • Communication Strategies


Module 3 - Change Management Practice


  • Types of Change

  • History of Change Management

  • Culture and Change Management

  • Approaches to Implementing Change


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