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The largest range of specialist knowledge in Germany! Studies, e-learning, services and seminars!


Are you looking for e-learning courses from the world's best universities and companies?

Treasurize offers one of the largest e-learning courses in the German-speaking world. More than 12,000 e-Learning offers in 11 categories are available.

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Services & Seminars

Are you looking for support from renowned experts and specialists?

Treasurize offers over 1,000 services in consulting, information, IT, market research, seminars & training, and health management.

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Market and industry studies

Are you looking for the best market and industry studies?

Treasurize offers over 10,000 studies on markets, industries, topics and countries from renowned national and international market research institutes and management consultancies. In additon, 40,000 reference books are available!

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About Treasurize?

Treasurize is the leading marketplace for knowledge and training.

What does Treasurize offer?

  Fast, secure trading of expertise on the marketplace

  High quality and standards of all products

  Tested and renowned suppliers

  Professional marketing of all content on Treasurize

What do you find on Treasurize?

  Market and industry studies


  Services & Seminars

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