Certified Agile Scrum Product Owner (CASPO)

The Product Owner (PO) is the member of the Agile Team who serves as the Customer proxy and is responsible for working with Product Management and other stakeholders - including other Product Owners-to define and prioritize stories in the Team Backlog so that the Solution effectively addresses program priorities (Features/Enablers) while maintaining technical integrity. Ideally, the Product Owner is collocated with the rest of the team, where they typically share management, incentives, and culture. But Product Owner also attends most relevant Product Management meetings about planning and backlogin/vision refinement.

Agile Scrum Product Owner certification deals with using the Scrum product backlog as a tool for project success. As a Certifiled Agile Scrum Product Owner, you’ll watch the product take shape, iteration after iteration and you’ll be able toknow how to respond to changes in business conditions by restructuring the product backlog. You have to also identify and cancel unsuccessful projects early, often within the first several months. This Certification hellps you with what you need to achieve success with the agile practice of Agile & Scrum.

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