Account-Based Marketing Foundations

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Course description

With fewer and fewer leads turning into customers, B2B marketers need a new approach. Done correctly, account-based marketing (ABM) can help you focus your resources on high-value accounts. This concentration aligns sales and marketing efforts and results in more engaging, targeted, and successful campaigns. Join industry expert, Sangram Vajre, to learn the fundamentals of this strategic business marketing framework. Sangram, author of the best-selling book, Account-Based Marketing for Dummies, introduces the TEAM—target, engage, activate, and measure—framework and explains how to identify the accounts and tools to get ABM done right. He explains how to focus on quality, not quantity; craft the right messaging; and analyze the results of your ABM effort. He closes with some compelling case studies that show the TEAM framework in action.

What you’ll learn

    • What is account-based marketing?

    • Using the TEAM framework for ABM

    • Creating target account lists

    • Communicating authentically with clients

    • Orchestrating multichannel campaigns

    • Activating sales

    • Analyzing your ABM performance

    • ABM case studies

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