Six Sigma Yellow Belt Examination

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Six Sigma Yellow Belt

In this role you would be normally part of a Six Sigma Team working to improve a company. This is the introductory level for Six Sigma, so, no prior knowledge is required. You will participate as a project team member and review process improvements that support the project.

This certification will validate that you know the terminology and know the basics of Six Sigma. You will have learnt new ideas on how to improve a company, understand and identify common implementation issues and show how DMAIC can change a business structure for the best.

The Six Sigma Yellow Belt exam consists of 60 questions set over the course of one-and-a-half hours by a dedicated invigilator. Students will have their knowledge of the basic Six Sigma process improvement methodologies tested to ensure that they fully understand the early stages of the process improvement lifecycle and how Six Sigma techniques are applied to build a continuous improvement program.

Candidates are tested on the contents of the ILSSBOK for Yellow Belts document, with 20 multiple choice questions on each of the three sections. In this way students sitting the exam will be tested on their understanding of the Six Sigma methodology at Yellow Belt level.

After successfully scoring at least 230 points out of the available 300, candidates will get instant confirmation of obtaining the professional designation of IASSC Certified Yellow Belt (ICYB).

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