OMCA™ (Online Marketing Certified Associate) Certification for Online Marketing Associate Test Prep

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Course description

Give your marketing career a boost. OMCA™ (Online Marketing Certified Associate) is an industry-standard credential for digital marketing associates and entry-level marketers. OMCA certification verifies your knowledge of digital marketing concepts and demonstrates an understanding of generally accepted practices across multiple digital marketing disciplines. In this course, you can refresh your knowledge of the skills tested on the exam: from conversion rate optimization and paid search advertising to social media marketing. Matt Bailey, a 20-year veteran of the marketing industry and an OMCP Certified Trainer, reviews each of the eight major exam areas in depth. Learn marketing basics, such as how to write compelling website copy and ads, create engaging content that targets specific audiences, develop your email marketing lists, create strong calls to action, design great landing pages, customize experiences for mobile users, and use analytics tools to assess the performance of your campaigns. This course also counts toward your training requirement for OMCA certification.

What you’ll learn

    • Performing keyword research for SEO

    • Building links

    • Managing and measuring SEO campaigns

    • SEO for local business

    • Targeting, matching, and bidding on keywords for paid search advertising

    • Writing compelling paid search ads

    • Developing content that target specific audiences

    • Using influencers for content marketing

    • Investing in an email marketing lists

    • Designing an email with a strong call to action

    • Developing a social media marketing strategy

    • Advertising on social media

    • Engaging mobile users

    • Designing for conversion

    • Using landing pages to sell

    • Copywriting tips

    • Collecting analytics data

    • Automating marketing

    • Developing customer loyalty

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