Certified Software Testing Analyst (CSTA)

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The Certified Software Testing Analyst (CSTA)™ qualification is aimed at people who have achieved an advanced point of their careers in software testing.

The CSTA™ Certification provides the participant with a solid understanding of, and practical experience in, Test case design. Participants knowledge of the quality and the objective of software testing, the system development and quality assurance lifecycles and functional testing is reinforced.

The focus of the CSTA™ Certification is on Test Case design and Participants are provided with ample opportunity to gain a solid understanding of this.

Participants are also provided with an opportunity to design a quality assurance. In the E-Course Participants are presented with various techniques of trawling for requirements in the absence of proper system documentation; this includes context diagrams, data-flow diagrams, workshop facilitation and interviewing subject matter experts.

You will also learn how to apply testing strategy in real-world situations gaining competency in the techniques essential for test analysis and performing outcome-driven test activities.

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