MicroMasters® Program in Sustainable Energy

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Learn about the complex nature of energy generation, distribution and supply, and the challenges of transitioning to a sustainable energy future.

The UQx Sustainable Energy Micromasters program has four courses (ENGY0x, ENGY1x, ENGY2x and ENGY3x) and the final Capstone Assessment.

You can choose to complete one course, or you may like to complete two or more courses throughout the year.

You may even choose to enroll in two or more courses at the same time (if you have most of the week to study).

If you wish to gain a Sustainable Energy MicroMasters certificate, you will need to pass all four ENGYx courses and pass the final Capstone Assessment.

There are two enrollment options: (i) Verified enrollment track and (ii) Audit enrollment track.

We recommend that you enroll in the audit enrollment track first. If you wish to complete the assessment tasks with the aim to achieve at least 70% in the final grade and a course certificate, you must upgrade to the verified enrollment track and pay the verified enrollment fee within the first seven weeks from when the course opened (preferably earlier). If you miss the verified enrollment upgrade deadline you can continue with the course as an audit learner and enroll as a verified learner in the next run of the course (and complete the assessment tasks then).

The verified enrollment track is where a participant pays the enrollment fee, has their identity confirmed and completes the graded assessment tasks.

To pass the course as a verified learner, a verified learner must achieve at least 70% in the final grade for the course. The final examination is timed and has a weight of 30 - 40%. The written paper (written in English) has a weight of 50%, is submitted to Turnitin, a text-matching software, and is instructor-marked.

If you enroll in the audit track, you will have access to all the videos and other resources while the course is open, but you will not have access to the graded assessment tasks. In addition, audit participants will not be eligible to receive a course certificate upon completion of the course.

Both enrollment tracks are valuable. However, if you decide to enroll in the verified enrollment track, please ensure you will be able to write a university Master-level paper in the English language.

What you will learn

  • Define sustainability and its implications for global energy

  • Describe the principles of energy generation, supply and demand from the range of available technology options

  • Evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of energy technology options for different locations

  • Define the role of science and policy in transitioning to a sustainable energy future

  • Understand scenario planning, risk assessment, stakeholder management, communication and engagement skills

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