PgC Online and Distance Education

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PgC Online and Distance Education

Gain hands-on experience of e-learning technologies and build your skills in digital learning, teaching and training. This postgraduate certificate is awarded on completion of the OU’s module Technology-enhanced Learning: Foundations and Futures.

Technology has transformed education so it’s a flexible and collaborative experience for students. It often removes the physical barriers that can hinder learning.

On this postgraduate course you will use innovative e-learning tools and gain first-hand experience of the technologies that have enhanced learning and teaching. You will critique and discuss current and future learning technologies with world-class researchers and your peers.

You will leave the course able to use technology effectively in different learning contexts.

What do I need to apply?

You must be prepared for study at postgraduate level. This usually means holding a bachelors degree or its equivalent. However, if you have successfully completed two-thirds of a bachelors degree (an HND in the UK, for example) and have professional experience in technology-enabled learning, you may still be eligible for the programme.

All teaching is in English and we recommend that if English is not your first language, that you achieve an IELTS score of a least 7.


International course fee:
£3,690 (lower fees apply for UK and Republic of Ireland students)

What are the learning outcomes?

By the end of your studies, you will have covered:

  • the choices that practitioners and learners make when using technology in education

  • the range of conventional and innovative technologies available for different learning contexts

  • current debates, evidence and key theories from thought-leaders and expert researchers in this field

  • design and assessment of online learning activities and training materials

  • the practices and concepts that are shaping the world of technology-enhanced learning

  • issues of openness, networking, accessibility, language and cultural differences, and student retention/progression.

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