Digital Learning Leadership

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Digital Learning Leadership

Gain recognition of your digital learning capability and experience. This unique, innovative program awards a postgraduate qualification based on recognition of professional practice.

Deakin’s Digital Learning Leadership degree offers a credible, assessed alternative to standard university learning.

This degree is ideal for busy professionals who want to provide evidence of their knowledge, skills, abilities, and experience. This is then assessed to obtain a suite of credentials that recognise their professional expertise.

What do I need to apply?

You can enrol in these internationally-recognised postgraduate qualifications if you have already completed an undergraduate degree or have other evidence of equivalent academic capability.

All applicants must meet the minimum English language requirements.

Entry will be based on performance in:

  • a Bachelor degree in any discipline OR

  • at least five years of relevant work experience (or part-time equivalent).+

For more information on the Admission Criteria and Selection Policy visit The Guide

+ Please note that meeting the minimum admission requirements does not guarantee selection, which is based on merit, likelihood of success and availability of places in the course. For more information on the Admission Criteria and Selection (Higher Education Courses) Policy visit the Deakin Policy Library.

Degree Structure

The Deakin Graduate Certificate consists of two programs and four Professional Practice credentials. You can complete the degree in one year or less depending on your individual circumstances but have up to two years if you need more time.

At the start of your degree we will help you to develop a plan for completing units and credentials that meets your particular needs.

Deakin Scholarships 

Deakin offers a range of scholarships. If you’ve got something special to offer Deakin – or you just need the financial help to get you here – we may have a scholarship opportunity for you. Search or browse through our scholarships.

Additional fees may apply and course fees may be subject to change.

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