Professional Certificate in Digital Transformation

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Creating a digital business landscape is important for every company, regardless of size, and needed in order to stay competitive in the business world today.

This program helps professional learners understand what digital transformation is and how it may affect their organization and how to plan for rising opportunities. The program prepares professionals and managers for digital transformation challenges and helps them develop the skills to be a digital transformation agent.

The focus of the program will be on developing your own roadmap to digital transformation. The program consists of four courses, all self-paced, which can be followed individually, in numeric order, or in parallel with each other. The focus of the first (I) course is to analyze what digital transformation means and how it may transform industries and markets. In the second course (II) you will explore how to make strategic choices in a fast-changing environment to develop a desired position on the market. In course three, (III) leadership and change management challenges related to the digital transformation are addressed. And, in the last course (IV), digital business development and marketing is explored to accelerate the development needed to transform your business/ company.

Founded in 1827 KTH Royal Institute of Technology, is Sweden’s largest technical research and learning institution and has become a key center of intellectual talent and innovation. Recently, the capital of Sweden, Stockholm, was ranked as one of the hottest start-up and innovation scenes for digital and mobile services in the world. Included in this ongoing digital transformation, we find companies like Spotify, iZettle, and Mojang. The KTH instructors in this program, Martin Vendel and Henrik Blomgren, have more than 25 years of industrial experience working with strategy and marketing in collaboration with the industry.

What you will learn

  • Find and assess future business creation opportunities

  • Estimate and assess challenges and barriers for a digital transformation of your company/business, both on industry and company levels

  • Make use of theories, models and tools needed when predicting the future of your business.

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