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Drive innovation and develop an entrepreneurial mindset

Discover new business opportunities and lead innovation with an online master's degree from HEC Paris, one of Europe's highest-ranked business schools. This program will enable you to identify and develop innovative and high-potential commercial opportunities, and is particularly relevant for current and aspiring business leaders who aim to lead business development, drive product innovation, or launch new business ventures.

Formerly known as the Online Master’s in Innovation and Entrepreneurship (OMIE), the degree program title has been updated to MSc in Innovation and Entrepreneurship (MSIE) to reflect what is stated on the program diploma.

Learn how to

  • Develop innovative and high-potential commercial opportunities

  • Drive innovation and business development

  • Create products or services in a start-up context or within an existing organization

  • Apply your studies by working on a team project, mentored by leading professors and highly experienced professionals

Key Benefits

  • Achieve an online degree from the #2 ranked business school in Europe without having to leave your home or workplace

  • Network remotely with respected businesspeople, successful entrepreneurs, and classmates

  • Get team coaching from an experienced business expert

  • Apply your skills to a team project designed to commercialize an idea, product, technology, or business proposition


The HEC Paris MSc in Innovation and Entrepreneurship (MSIE) is composed of two distinct parts. In part one, you will complete a fundamental phase of online study.

These online foundational courses enable participants to acquire the skills needed to scale up a company, boost creativity, manage new product development processes, capitalize on social media for marketing purposes and clearly define business strategy in individual contexts.

• Entrepreneurial Strategy: from Ideation to Exit
• Building your Leadership Skills
• Boosting Creativity
• Business Strategy
• New Product Development
• Design Thinking
• Social Entrepreneurship and Change-making
• Organizational Design and Management
• Marketing through Social Media
• Strategic Management of Innovation

In part two, you will complete a project-based curriculum taught by HEC Paris faculty. The key objective is to help you transform ideas into business reality, culminating in a final pitch. The project-based part of the program enables you to apply theories and practical expertise gained during the program to developing a new product, brand or organization. You will work on a team project (idea chosen by the team) from initial conception to commercialization, mentored by seasoned entrepreneurs and business leaders.

The Degree part of the program, based around a team project, enables participants to apply all the theories and practical expertise gained during the program to create a new product, service, brand or organization. The goal is to move a team project forward, from initial conception to commercialization during the project-based period. Participants will be mentored as a team by a highly experienced entrepreneur/business leader.

• Team Working
• Developing a Customer-Centric Strategy Through Marketing
• Fundamentals of Negociations
• Scaling Up Operations
• Managing the Performance of a Growing Enterprise
• Business Model Innovation with the Odyssey 3.14 approach
• Intellectual Property Law for New Businesses
• Entrepreneurial Finance
• How to Create a Business Plan
• Private Equity and Venture Capital

Upon graduation, you’ll be able to:

  • Develop innovative and high-potential commercial opportunities

  • Drive innovation and business development

  • Develop products or services in a start-up context or within an existing organization

  • Work effectively in teams to plan and execute complex business initiatives

Get started today

There are many ways to explore the MSIE curriculum and get started. Begin with a single online course, the full 4-course Specialization, or you can earn a career credential with a MasterTrack™ Certificate program. If admitted to the full MSIE program, you won’t need to repeat any assignments you’ve completed.

Start with your first course
• Entrepreneurship Strategy: From Ideation to Exit - 1 course
Get the whole picture and learn how entrepreneurial ventures work. Learn the skills needed to pitch ideas and raise funds for your projects. You’ll also master strategies for expanding businesses into international markets.
Enroll Now

Take the full Specialization
• Managing Innovation and Design Thinking - 4 courses
This self-paced program teaches you to apply creativity and design thinking to any project or business idea. Go beyond management and apply strategies used by successful entrepreneurs and creative professionals.
Enroll Now

Earn a MasterTrack™ Certificate
• Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship - 6 courses
Cultivate an entrepreneurial mindset while earning a career credential. Learn the skills needed to develop intriguing business ideas and bring them to market.
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Program Length

The HEC Paris MSIE degree is comprised of 20 courses, which will take 18 months to complete, at an average of 20 hours per week.

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