Write Ict Security Policy


In this Gig, I will develop ICT based security policy suitable for your organization. This will include writing a new policy or modifying your existing policy as required by the fast-growing technology.

I will deliver a perfect security policy, guidelines, and standards that suit your company based on but not limited to the following categories:


  • Acceptable Encryption Policy

  • Acceptable Use Policy

  • Clean Desk Policy

  • Data Breach Response Policy

  • Disaster Recovery Plan Policy

  • Digital Signature Acceptance Policy

  • Email Policy

  • Ethics Policy

  • Pandemic Response Planning Policy

  • Password Construction Guidelines

  • Password Protection Policy

  • Security Response Plan Policy

  • End User Encryption Key Protection Policy

  • Acquisition Assessment Policy

  • Bluetooth Baseline Requirements Policy

  • Remote Access Policy

  • Remote Access Tools Policy

  • Router and Switch Security Policy

  • Wireless Communication Policy

  • Wireless Communication Standard


  • Database Credentials Policy

  • Technology Equipment Disposal Policy

  • Information Logging Standard

  • Lab Security Policy

  • Server Security Policy

  • Software Installation Policy

  • Workstation Security (For HIPAA) Policy


Looking forward to working with you.


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