Design Pcb Layout And Pcb Circuit

About Me:
Education: BS(Electrical Engineering) Specialization in Embedded Systems
Skills: PCB Designing, product designing, Solving Real Life Problem through electronics, Reverse               Engineering               
Certification: PCB Designing, IOT product designer
About Gig:
IF you are looking to design PCB(1,2,3,4) layer for your Circuit then you are at right place,  I can provide 
  1) PCB Design
  2) Schematic for PCB, 
  3) Gerber files of PCB
  4) Bill Of Materials (BOM)
  5) 3D Models of PCB
 For PCB Designing I Mostly Use Altium  but I can also use other software's
 1) Porteous 
 2) Eagle
 3) KiCAD
 I can also deliver finished prototypes of your products.
Kindly Contact me before placing order, and the price of the order will depend on the complexity of work 
if you don't have schematic just send me your requirements I will come up with a schematic and will make PCB. 
Customer satisfaction is my satisfaction
Contact me for further discussion

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