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World-class education An education for the world of the future

The University of Newcastle is a leader in university education, with a reputation for high quality teaching and learning and exciting, contemporary academic programs.

Demonstrating our commitment to relevant teaching is our approach to problem-based learning, first pioneered by us some 25 years ago, which underpins our degree programs in medicine, engineering, architecture, nursing, social work and law.

Our Strategic Plan focuses on delivering accessible, high quality programs through innovative models. With an emphasis on good teaching and an outstanding student experience, we will continue to produce globally competitive graduates and maintain our place among the best in Australia for teaching and learning.

Among our staff are experts who rank in the top one per cent in their field in the world, as well as national and state recipients of Teacher of the Year winners of the prestigious Australian Awards for University Teaching.

Integrated learning environment

The University of Newcastle offers students an engaged approach to learning through programs that integrate study with practical experience, paid employment and research.

With practical work placement an assessable part of more than 90 per cent of programs offered across all five faculties, our career-ready graduates have some of the highest starting salaries in Australia. Seventy five per cent of our bachelor graduates secure a full-time job within four months of finishing their studies.

Diverse student experience

Amid intense global competition, our reputation for delivering world-class teaching and learning has attracted students from more than 100 countries. We work hard to continually improve the experience of our diverse student population.

We listen to our students and invest in courses and degrees, facilities and student support services to  equip our students well for the future. We provide opportunities for our students to engage not only in learning, but also in research, work or community-focused activities.

Cutting edge virtual technology

At the University of Newcastle, we offer a flexible approach to education, supported by state-of-the-art virtual learning infrastructure.

Our Bachelor of Medical Radiation Science students have access to a leading-edge, comprehensive training environment in radiation therapy.

Using anatomical and functional imaging studies to design courses of treatment for patients, radiation therapy encompasses three key stages – simulation, planning and treatment.  Our students have Australia's first virtual linear accelerator machine which is used in the simulation phase. The new laboratory completes our three phase virtual training environment, complementing the radiation therapy computer planning room and a three dimensional VERT (virtual training) treatment facility.

Occupational Therapy students are enjoying the introduction of a 'virtual house' into the learning environment which allows them to assess 'homes' of people requiring arthritis, dementia and spinal cord injuries. The walk-through navigation, accessed via our BOLD (Blended and Online Learning Design) lab, includes 360 degree visibility and the ability to measure internal dimensions. Door frames, rooms and steps are all set to scale, accurately simulating the exact situation a student would encounter if they were to assess a real house. The virtual house is used to assess a student's ability to observe any hazards or modifications that might be required in the home, depending on the person's disability.

The BOLD Lab team are looking at expanding this virtual learning opportunity across other courses and faculties, including Building and Construction and Education.

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