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Quickstart Learning, Inc.

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QuickStart exists to create world-class technologists by personalizing and individualizing training to address the massive skills gap in the IT industry. Through 20 years of research and data analysis, we’ve learned that a modern learner prefers to learn through multiple modalities such as self-paced online learning, virtual instructor-led training, on-the-job training, implementation and hands-on experience through labs, mentoring, and social and peer-to-peer learning. We packaged all the modalities into a single cloud-based platform called CLIPP.

Why Our Product

1300 + IT Training Courses

176 + Platform Technologies

999999 + Learners For Life

On the surface, we may look like another IT skills training provider. However, our CLIPP platform has helped us turn training into an evolutionary experience. The platform not only enables live classes in a virtual environment, it supports multimodal knowledge transfer, virtual labs, self-paced courses, additional learning material to complement official courseware, mentor support, and more.

The platform is ideal for IT managers looking to train their team. It gives them insights into each learners’ progress and training preferences, and gives them the ability to enroll their team members into different courses.

We are also working on improving the artificial intelligence integrated with the platform and will soon be able to make training and career recommendations based on the learner’s preferences.

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