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About Us

Known for its leadership in higher education, Doane University is committed to academic excellence, innovation, and offers each person in its community a unique sense of belonging. These values have kept Doane successful for 147 years and will allow the institution to continue to build as we move forward in the future.

Here at Doane, we stress the importance of being a university that produces strong leaders with a thorough, liberal arts education in preparation to meet career and professional goals.

We strive to provide graduates with the academic programs and skills they need to achieve satisfying and profitable jobs. Through Doane's offering of the distinctive Zenon C.R. Hansen Leadership Program, students prepare for a future full of independent thought and upwards growth through the building of self-confidence.

By extending our borders, from multiple campuses in Nebraska, study abroad programs, exchange students, and online opportunities, our mentality of Internationalism and Multiculturalism enhances our students' education opportunities and experiences. Learning continues off-campus and out of the classroom through internships, work opportunities, and public events.

We realize innovation in higher education grows via technology; that's why we have talented and smart faculty and staff that care about our students. As we look toward the future, we will be working towards our common goals as One Doane.

Doane is establishing itself as a new kind of comprehensive university, with a commitment to extensive growth and finding new ways to deliver knowledge to those who seek it. Through partnerships with other colleges, universities, and companies we are embracing innovation and responding quickly to opportunities.

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Our Mission

Doane University's mission is to create distinctive educational experiences, rooted in the liberal arts, to prepare our students for careers and lives grounded in inquiry, ethics, and a commitment to lead and serve in the global community.

Our Values

Inclusion: Helping each other and every student discover who they are and how they can live and contribute in a global society.

Integrity: Upholding high standards of academic and professional excellence and integrity makes Doane an enduring and prestigious institution.

Innovation: Encouraging big, bold thinking from all of our students, faculty, and staff ensures Doane remains at the forefront of relevant new learning.

Transformation: Caring about all our students, staff, and our world helps us learn and grow into a new era for both our university and our planet.

Why Doane

Our nationally recognized liberal arts and sciences education will give you the skills you need for the career you want.

Few institutions can match our mission to include traditional undergraduate, adult and graduate learners. Fewer can boast our world-class liberal arts and sciences education built on pillars of leadership, inquiry, values and engagement. None can seamlessly weave it into one academic community that has stood tall for more than 140 years.

Graduate on Time or Ahead of Schedule. Guaranteed!

As a university that prides itself on doing everything it can to benefit its students, Doane was one of the first colleges to implement a four-year graduation guarantee, first offering it in 1995. With a four-year graduation guarantee, you will automatically be ahead of the typical college student who will graduate in six years according to the national average.

By choosing Doane, you put yourself on the path to start your professional career without the stress of paying for the extra years of tuition you could pay at a number of others schools. Not to mention, we will help you pay your way through college. Most of the Class of 2020 received financial aid.

Nationally Recognized for Greatness on the Great Plains.

Doane continually receives national recognition every year from some of the most prestigious publications across the country. For their 2017 college rankings, The Wall Street Journal rated Doane as the 2nd best university in Nebraska. Doane was only one of four institutions in the state to receive recognition from the WSJ/Times Higher Education.

In addition, U.S. News and World Report named Doane a “Top National Liberal Arts College,” ranking among the top 150 schools nationally, but the recognition doesn’t stop there. The Princeton Review labeled Doane a “Best Midwestern School,” and Forbes made sure to include us among their “America’s Best Colleges” list. We don’t just talk the talk.

We're a Small School Doing BIG Things.

Doane offers something for everyone, catering to your interests. We offer 45 majors, several pre-professional programs, and 36 minors.

Whether you’re an athlete, a theatre student, a musician, or your interests lie elsewhere, there are an endless amount of opportunities that have your name written on it. With 10 Greek Life organizations, 22 athletic teams, and more than 60 student clubs and organizations, we aren’t your typical small college when it comes to extracurricular activities.

First-Name Basis Is Our First Priority.

At Doane, you will never get lost in the mix. The average class size consists of 11 students, allowing for personal attention, more interaction, and the ability to know your professors on a first-name basis. Our service-focused Hansen Leadership Program, impressive research achievements, and rich tradition of Fulbright Scholars are a few indicators of how our academics harness greatness in our students.

Small-Town Charm Meets Big-Time Opportunities.

Doane’s scenic 300-acre campus in Crete is truly something you have to see to believe. Located in a town of 7,000 people, you will be surrounded in a friendly, safe atmosphere where you can feel comfortable at home.

Doane is Nebraska’s oldest private college, founded in 1872, and its outstanding reputation has lasted through generations. Doane students and graduates are making a difference across the country and come highly regarded in the workforce.

Get Lost Finding Your Passion.

Studying abroad is one of the greatest opportunities available to a college student, and we want to do everything we can to make that dream become a reality. For those who enroll as a first-year student, we provide a $1,000 travel scholarship to take you anywhere in the world and help with those study-abroad expenses during your junior and senior years.

You’ll Get Used to the Phrase “You’re HIRED!”

While your education is the foundation for your future, college is just the beginning. At Doane, we’ll put you in a position to thrive in the workplace following graduation. Our College to Career Center helps students identify their skills and interests while connecting them to the real world through internships, pre-professional programs, skill development, career planning, and other resources. According to our Outcomes Survey for students who graduated in May of 2019, 80% had completed an internship, a clinical experience, or participated in student teaching. Of those students, 91.5% said the experience helped them prepare for the workplace.

Over 700 internships have been completed by our students in the last five years, and the C2CC is yet another resource that will help students get their foot in the doors to pursue their dreams. At the time of graduation, 87% of our 2018 graduates reported being satisfied with their post-graduation occupation.

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