Multinational Interest & Development in Africa

Multinational Interest & Development in Africa

Establishing a People’s Economy

This book analyzes the current economic situations in African countries at the local, regional, and national level. It examines the growing interest from developed and developing countries to invest in Africa and their different reasons for doing so, which aren’t always aligned with the interests of African countries. Growth in African GDP has benefitted mainly multinational corporations while the rest of the population remains at the subsistence level, creating a smaller middle class and less opportunity for local businesses to flourish. This book offers potential models of cooperation which could create added value for both African countries and the MNCs investing in them.   

Über den Author

Ilan Bijaoui is Senior Lecturer in The College of Management at Bar-Ilan University, Israel, teaching courses across marketing, international business and innovation strategy. He has written numerous articles in top business and economic journals and is the author of The Economic Reconciliation Process and The Open Incubator Model.


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